Parish Response to Covid-19 Times

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding in these uncertain times.

May the Lord be with us all as we journey together in faith.

UPDATE: December 24th 2020 Level 5 Covid Response

Mass will be celebrated online only after Christmas Day until the new restrictions are lifted.

The Churches will remain open for private prayer.

UPDATE: December 2020 Level 3 Covid Response

The Parish Office is re-opened to the public at the usual times.

The Churches will be open each weekday for private prayer during the day.

There will be public Masses (with max. of 50 people). All Masses in Clarinbridge will be broadcast at the usual times on the Parish Radio 106.2 FM. The weekend Masses will also be streamed via Zoom and the link will be available on this website’s homepage each weekend. Please contact the Parish Office to reserve a place at the weekend Masses ( no booking is required for weekday Mass).

25 people are permitted to attend a Funeral Mass or Wedding.

Baptisms can be arranged by contacting the Parish Office.

Please continue to follow all the necessary precautions, especially sanitising your hands and wearing a mask when attending Mass.


UPDATE: October 2020 Level 5 Covid Response

The Parish Office is closed to the public but the Secretary can be contacted via telephone or email.

The Churches will be open each weekday at 10.45 a.m. for private prayer during the day.

There will be no public Masses (with the exception of funeral Masses). However, all masses will be broadcast at the usual times on the Parish Radio 106.2 FM. There will be only one Mass at 10 a.m. on Friday and only one Mass at 11.30 a.m. on Sunday.

The weekend Masses will also be live- streamed.

Please continue to observe all the necessary requirements in the Church to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

To participate in the 6.30 p.m. Saturday evening Mass via Zoom, please click here.

There will be one Sunday Mass which will be broadcast at 11.30 a.m. on the Parish Radio, 106.2 FM. To participate in the Mass via Zoom, please click here.

27 June 2020


When can I go back to Mass?

Public Mass resumes on Monday, 29th June at 7.30 p.m. in Clarinbridge. Under current national restrictions we must maintain a physical distance of two metres and the indoor congregation is limited to less than fifty people(considerably less in Roveagh due to size).

How will I know if I will be able to get into the Church if there are such restrictions?

A ticketing system will be used for the month of July, so that people will know whether they will be inside for the Mass or not and we will be able to maintain a system of contact tracing where possible. You make contact with the Parish Office (091-776741 or to arrange a ticket. 

Can I just show up at the Church?

In these weeks the recommended option is to listen via the Parish Radio (106.2 FM). External speakers have been installed in both Churches to facilitate people outside. After every Mass, Fr. Barry will distribute Holy Communion to those who have participated in the Mass outside. The weekend Masses will be streamed online from both Churches. Please email the Parish Office if you wish to participate in the Mass via Zoom.

NOTE: Please enter the Car Park in Clarinbridge via the Main St. and exit via Barrack St., following the direction of stewards.

Is it safe to return to Mass?

For those following the guidelines of the H.S.E. and the Government, it will be safe to return to Mass. There are a number of reasons for saying this:

  1. Anyone feeling unwell is being asked to stay at home.
  2. All attending will be sanitising their hands.
  3. Physical distancing will be in place.
  4. Surfaces will be cleaned before and after liturgies.
  5. People are encouraged to wear a mask.

Now, more than ever, each one of us must take personal responsibility for our safety and be conscious of the vulnerabilities of others.

Will there be extra Masses?

Yes, and some Mass times will be changed for the next month.

Can I go to Mass every day during the week without a ticket?

Not every day, for the moment. With the capacity at weekend Masses restricted, we have to give every parishioner the opportunity to participate in Mass in the Church at least once a month, so for weekday Masses please collect a ticket from the Parish Office before the Mass you hope to attend.

Will there be Eucharistic Ministers, Ministers of the Word and Altar Servers assisting at Mass?

No, not for the first weeks back. Since the space in both churches is limited and to minimise risk, Holy Communion will be distributed at the end of Mass for the first month and the priest will wear a mask.

Am I still required to receive Holy Communion on the hand?

Yes, but there is no obligation on anyone to receive Holy Communion if they would prefer not to.

When will Eucharistic Adoration re-commence?

When arrangements are in place to ensure the health and safety of all. For the coming months Adoration in Clarinbridge will be in the Church rather than in Suaimhneas. 

Does the Sunday Obligation to participate in Mass remain suspended?

Yes. Bishop Kelly recently confirmed this in a letter to the priests of the Diocese.

What will happen if Fr. Barry is instructed to self-isolate?

Public Weekday Masses will be cancelled and weekend Masses will have to be re-arranged, in accordance with the availability of another priest from the Diocese.

When are all these restrictions going to end?

A more helpful way of looking at all this might be to ask another question: 

Can I continue to make little sacrifices to keep myself and others in the locality 

free from being infected by the virus?

What about Confession?

Confessions can be arranged by contacting Fr. Barry. For obvious reasons, confession cannot be held in the confession box for now.

What about Baptisms?

There are currently quite a number of baptisms due to take place, so the parish norms are being suspended for the summer months and individual baptisms will be celebrated. The norms for Mass re distancing and congregational size also apply for baptisms.

What about Confirmation?

It is hoped that the Sacrament of Confirmation will be celebrated in the Parish in the month of August. The relevant norms will be observed to ensure the safety of all. Bishop Kelly has delegated Parish Priests to celebrate the Sacrament this year. Dates will be arranged in the coming days. 

What about First Holy Communion?

Dates for the First Holy Communion Masses will be arranged in the coming days. The relevant norms will be observed to ensure the safety of all at the First Holy Communion Masses.

What about Weddings?

Weddings can be arranged through the Parish Office. The norms for Mass also apply for weddings.

What about Funerals?

The norms for Mass apply for funerals. While the traditional ways of expressing sympathy may be suspended for now, every effort will be made to ensure that the community can support the bereaved in safe ways.

How can I make my donation to the upkeep of the parish (the weekly collection)?

By returning your envelopes to the Parish Office, by dropping them into the donation box when you are at Mass, via the Diocesan website, or by standing order or banking online (contact Parish Office for IBAN & BIC).

How can I make my donation to the Easter Dues (Priests’ Revenue Collection)? 

In the same ways as outlined in the previous answer.

How can I keep up with what’s happening?

By reading the Parish Newsletter each week and by checking on the parish website

How can I learn more about all that the Diocese is doing to prevent the spread of Covid-19?

By going to the diocesan website

Mass Times for the Month of July 2020

Saturday6.30 pm
Sunday10 am
12 noon
Monday7.30 pm
TuesdayNo MassNo Mass
Wednesday10 am
Thursday10 am
Friday10 am7.30 pm
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